Carol Mcelroy

“I had the most amazing experience with Smart Parrots Farm! when I purchased a parrot that was safely shipped to my doorstep. I was initially concerned about the well-being of the bird during transit, but the team at Smart Parrots Farm! went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey. When the parrot arrived, it was in excellent health, and the packaging was secure and thoughtful. I cannot thank Smart Parrots Farm! enough for their professionalism, exceptional customer service, and for bringing such a wonderful companion into my life. I would not hesitate to recommend their shipping services to anyone looking to adopt a parrot from afar.”

Makayla Leaver

“I recently adopted a parrot from Smart Parrots Farm, and I am incredibly impressed with their operation. The store itself is immaculate, and the staff is passionate and well-versed in parrot care. They took the time to answer all of my questions and even provided valuable tips on parrot enrichment and training. The parrot I brought home is vibrant, healthy, and already displaying signs of being well-socialized. I am grateful to Smart Parrots Farm for their commitment to the well-being of their birds and for making the adoption process such a pleasant and rewarding experience.”

Ashlea Vic

“I am absolutely thrilled with the baby parrot I purchased locally fromSmart Parrots Farm. The process was seamless, and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The parrot I brought home is healthy, well-socialized, and has quickly become a beloved member of our family. I appreciate the care and attention that went into raising these birds, and I highly recommend Smart Parrots Farm to anyone in search of a beautiful and healthy parrot.” –

Jennifer Green

“After searching for the perfect parrot locally, I was thrilled to discover Smart Parrots Farm. Their selection of parrots was impressive, and the care they provide to their birds is evident from the moment you walk into their store. The staff was friendly, patient, and took the time to educate me about the specific needs of the parrot I was interested in. I am grateful for their expertise and guidance, as it has made the transition for my new parrot seamless and stress-free. I highly recommend Smart Parrots Farm to anyone seeking a reputable and caring parrot breeder.” –

Alice C.

I went there earlier this week to find a new family member and found one! The guy that helped us where super helpful and knowledgeable. Loki has been with us for 2 days now and he’s perfect for our family. He has already learned to step up and enjoys free flying around the house and even sitting with me on the couch getting pets. I can’t thank parrot stars enough for helping me find my baby boy..

Sherry Fleischhauer-Campise

Eli is fantastic – you can tell he cares about the birds. He’s always willing to answer any and all questions you may have. He’s very accommodating. And his prices are very reasonable. Look no further when you want to purchase an exotic bird!

Bill Rosales 

Absolutely the best! We booked a vacation and flight to come see these in person. I am thrilled to be the new mom to Quills, .. He is so well adjusted and prepared for a magnificent future. There is a difference in selling parrots and preparing parrots for the rest of their life. You will not regret getting to know Smart Parrots Farm!

Amanda Bongiorno Ciach

Just bought our first African grey from here and can’t say enough nice things about this place. They were super helpful and answered my millions of questions with making me ever feel bothersome! Thanks for all your help 🤗.

Kaylee Anthony

We found TMBE on Google and decided to take the drive, you will not regret visiting this store. EXTREMELY clean, the staff was absolutely amazing, a HUGE variety of birds. We went there just to look and meet birds we haven’t gotten the chance to meet and ended up leaving with a B&G macaw. All the birds are so socialized and friendly, you could handle every bird in the store, not to mention the huge variety of toys and stands. We will never go anywhere else. This is “Lil Burt” we are working on a new name 😂🫶🏼

Lori Spiegler

my husband just purchased a 5 month old female African Grey for me from this awesome store! we spent about two hours in the store, very welcoming, properly educated staff, & ENDLESS options of accessories, proper feed per your winged friend, &what a great selection of all types of birds!!! we are going back next week to add to our flock! incredible store, this is definitely our “GO-TO”!

Angél Perez

After months of visiting Smart Parrots Farm, my husband and I pulled the trigger in adopting Mike and brought him home! Our boy has been adjusting sooooo well in his new home and loving environment it’s been a beautiful transition to witness as a family with our children. We can not THANK YOU enough Victor!! His Guru expertise along with the helpful amazing staff and volunteers they have. We couldn’t have done it without your trust in us. Thank you for our biggest blessing. Love Angel’s Family !

Alyssa Delgado

I absolutely LOVE parrot stars! It’s definitely one of my happy places 😂 seriously all of the workers are amazing. You can see the passion they have in their eyes and you can see how well taken care of all the birds are in the store! Also, Alexis and Joyce will tell it like it is! They tell you the absolute truth about whichever breed you are looking at. They aren’t just looking to make a sale, they want their babies to find forever homes! It also helps that they have TONS of bird toys, treats and food. I always end up spending over an hour looking around! One of the best bird places ever 💕